Brianna Gwen
''Repeal Day''''Friendly Feet''''Un-Authorized Personnel only''''whole Massaging'' ''Foreign Exchange''"my Brand"''Sunshine State''''H-Kizzle''''Strings Attached''''Barbie Aura''''The Time to Look Up''''Lil red Riding Gus'''' I'll call you'''' That Joint in the woods''''Loud Whisper''''Bed side Manor''''Going Up? ''''Fun in a Cage''
''Lift''''MENACE''''What do you look at?''"Under US""No""Morning Moon""When your Eyes are closed""''Volcano"''Human nature''''Where was I''''Dancer''''Dancer"''Power"
Graphite on paperSpray paint, air brush and  acrylic on found wood. ( SOLD )Previous painting with black light effect. ( SOLD )Spray paint on canvas. ( Black light sensitive )( Black light change )Acrylic on canvas.Pen, acrylic and water color on paper.Pen and water color on paper.Pen, acrylic and water color on paper.Crayola color changing paper and pen.Mixed media on paper.Acrylic on canvas.Spray paint on board.Acrylic on canvas, 40''X20 this is the largest of a triptic.Acrylic on canvas, 20''X10''Pen on paper.Unfinished portrait, Prisma color on black paper.acrylic, painted wire, and paper on hardend foam board.Pastel and charcoal on paper.Prisma color on paper.Prisma color on cardboard.Colored pensil on cardboard. Mixed media on paper.''Gustopus" Hilighter and pen on paper.'' Glass orbs'' (SOLD) Acrylic and white charcoal on wood.Pen and acrylic on paper. Colored pensil on paper.colored pensil on paper.Colored pensil and pen on paper.Spray paint on paper.Charcoal on paper.Spray paint on paper.Oil Pastel on paper.Spray paint on paper.Acrylic and spray paint on paper.Acrylic, spray paint and paper on foam board. Spray paint on paper.'' Jelly-Dance '' -SOLD- Acrylic, spray paint, and pen on heavy wood.'' Jelly-Dance '' -SOLD-'' Oxygen '' -SOLD- Spray paint and acrylic on house siding.Mixed media on wood.Graphite on cardboard.Erased graphite on paper.Charcoal on paper.Acrylic on canvas.Oil paint, spray paint and acrylic on wood.Spray paint on paper.Spray paint on paper.Acrylic on canvas.Acrylic on wood.Acrylic on canvas.Acrylic and spray paint on canvas.Water color, acrylic and pen on canvas.Acrylic and spray paint on canvas.Oil paint and acrylic on wood.Pen on paper.
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Brianna Gwen
Art Work