Brianna Gwen
''Repeal Day''''Friendly Feet''''Un-Authorized Personnel only''''whole Massaging'' ''Foreign Exchange''"my Brand"''Sunshine State''''H-Kizzle''''Strings Attached''''Barbie Aura''''The Time to Look Up''''Lil red Riding Gus'''' I'll call you'''' That Joint in the woods''''Loud Whisper''''Bed side Manor''''Going Up? ''''Fun in a Cage''
''Lift''''MENACE''''What do you look at?''"Under US""No""Morning Moon""When your Eyes are closed""''Volcano"''Human nature''''Where was I''''Dancer''''Dancer"''Power"
Acrylic on canvas, 40''X20 this is the largest of a triptic.Acrylic on canvas, 20''X10''Colored pensil on cardboard -SOLD-'' Jelly-Dance '' -SOLD-'' Jelly-Dance '' -SOLD-'' Oxygen '' -SOLD-
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Brianna Gwen